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Join Our 200-Hour Yoga Training for a more in-depth understanding of Yoga, and/or to learn to share the practice with others!

Have YOU ever thought about diving deeper into your yoga practice or been called to teach?

E-RYT 500, Sharli Ziebarth, leads an in-depth study of yoga philosophy, pose structure, anatomy, alignment, meditation, pranayama and so much more. With over 60 people trained to teach yoga and understand it on a much deeper level, Limber Tree Yoga School is the best place for you to dive into the practice!

About Your Lead Trainer: 

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training 2

Sharli Ziebarth - E-RYT 500

       Sharli breathes heart and soul into the Billings yoga community.   She has taught over 7000 hours of yoga, has obtained her Experienced Yoga Teacher 500 hour designation with Yoga Alliance, and is the owner/director of Limber Tree Yoga. She strives to bring the benefits of yoga into the lives of everyone she meets because she lives by the understanding that yoga is beneficial for every person.   A business whiz, a soulful yogi, and community activist, Sharli can’t help but inspire the lives of those around her. Whether teaching at Limber Tree or hiking the mountains with her beautiful family, she embraces the union that yoga brings to life.

RYT-200hr 2021

Dates: TBA

Sharli is looking to start the new training with the new year of 2021.   Exact dates and times will be arranged accordingly to the schedules of those who are preregistered.

                If you don't have any interest in teaching yoga but you are looking to deepen your yoga practice,                     this course will be offered in segments, giving you the option to register for whichever segment or segments that peaks your interest most.  These segments will also be offered online.  More information about the online course is coming soon.

The option to take the entire course (All 9 Segments) within at the walls of the Limber Tree Yoga Studio will still be available as well as  the online course.  More information about the online course is coming soon.

How to Enroll

1.  Read the policies and contract of the training. 

2.  Fill out the application below

3.  Submit your $500 non-refundable deposit and contract. 

Online Course:

More information about the Online Course coming soon.


Segment 1: Intro to Yoga Asana (Poses), Sun Salutations, and Beginning Concepts

Segment 2: Yoga Asana in Depth, Sanskrit

Segment 3:   Ethics, History, & Philosophy of Yoga

Segment 4:   Limbs 1 & 2-Yamas & Niyamas, Yoga off the Mat

Segment  5: Limb 3:  Anatomy and its application to Yoga Asana

Segment 6:   Limb 4-Pranayama, The Art of Sequencing & Theming

Segment 7:   Limb 5-Pratyahara (Sensory Withdrawal), Limb 6-Dharana (Concentration), Energetic Anatomy

Segment 8:   Limb 7-Dhyana (Meditation), Limb 8 - Samadhi (Joy & Bliss)

Segment 9:   Business of Yoga, Final Project Presentations, Practicum

Trainees are expected to attend at least 18 Yoga Classes at Limber Tree Yoga Studio during the duration of the training. These classes are part of your tuition. 

Makeup hours can be arranged if the student informs the lead trainer in advance. 

It will be encouraged, throughout training, for trainees to practice teaching to peers and other members of the Limber Tree Community for experience. It is required for each trainees to teach at least 1 class to the training group. 



Early Bird: $2750                                if paid in full  by January 1st      (including the $500 deposit)

After Jan 1st: $2900                            if paid in full after January 1st and before January 25th                        (including the $500 deposit)  

Payment Plan Tuition:  $3000        If a payment plan is your desired way of paying tuition, we are willing to work with you!  Please contact Sharli at      (406) 561-3392 to discuss options. 


A non-refundable tuition deposit/registration fee of $500 is due with signing of the enrollment agreement.  A credit card must be held on electronic file at Limber Tree and a 3% charge will be included if a card is being used for payment.


$335 Per Segment

$360 Per Online Segment

Training Policies

All Scheduled Weekend Limber Tree Teacher Training Segments provide credit for Limber Tree Yoga Certification and can be entered into Yoga Alliance.   Limber Tree also presents Workshops and Classes not intended exclusively for the teacher training program and not included in the tuition for training.  However these classes and workshops may count toward additional contact hours if the instructor is Limber Tree teacher training faculty member and if the trainee assists the class and fills out a class observation form. 

Trainees receive a 20% discount for all additional class passes, workshops and retail which can not be combined with other discounts.

The KEY to your success in this program is to make sure that you sign-in for each and every class you attend so your hours can be recorded accurately. We will monitor your progress along the way and work closely with you to ensure your distribution of hours meets the Yoga Alliance guidelines.

Cancellation and Refund Policy Prior to Program Start date:

Enrollment Denials: An applicant denied admission by the school is entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.

3 Day Cancellation: 

 An applicant who submits written notice of cancellation within 3 business days of signing the enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid. No later than 30 days of receiving the notice of cancellation. Limber Tree Yoga Teacher Training will provide a 100% refund. The 3 Day Cancellation Rule excludes, Saturday, Sunday and Federal and State holidays.

Other Cancellations: An applicant who submits written notice of cancellation of the program more than 3 business days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to entering the school (start of the program) is entitled to a refund of all monies paid less the $500 registration fee.

Refunds After the Program Start Date: There will be no refunds after the start date of the program. If you withdraw from the program for any reason afterwards, you will be responsible for paying the full tuition, regardless of any partial payments that have been made to date. 


Please email us for a copy of the contract at sharli@limbertreeyogastudio.com 

and we will send it right over!


Call (406) 561-3392 or email sharli@limbertreeyogastudio.com

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