New to Yoga? Limber Tree is Perfect for You!

Welcome new yoga students!  Because many people ask if we have classes for those who are new to yoga, we want to let you know that all of our classes are suitable for beginners! Actually, we believe Limber Tree is PERFECT for those who are new to their yoga practice.  All of our classes have the foundations of breathing and alignment–which is what the yoga journey is really all about.  Therefore, Limber Tree is the place for you to begin!

We use many props, modifications, and slow our classes down (which don’t make them less effective in any aspect of the yoga practice), so that you feel that you can be completely mindful as you explore the poses, breathing techniques, and meditations, even if you’re new to yoga. We also feel it is best to practice in a room with a lower room temperature (70-80 degrees) for your utmost safety and for the best ability to avoid injury in your practice.

To make yoga as accessible as possible, we offer various styles of classes and a variety of teachers throughout the day, every day of the week, to fit your needs and schedule.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  We promise that it will be our priority that we will not make you feel left behind or uncomfortable in class.  Therefore, we promise you a safe and comfortable space to begin your practice.   We have well-trained teachers that are here to assist you with your journey. 

Click here for some great tips for going to your first class!

If you have additional questions about our studio, click here!

Please know that for our yoga classes we welcome you to show up with out pre-paying or pre-registering.  We only ask that you do so if you are attending an uplifted/aerial yoga class or a pole fitness class.