Uplifted Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training will teach you how to teach your students how to use a hammock and gravity to supplement your their Yoga practice and enhance their alignment, strength, flexibility, and peace of mind–as well as your own!

Benefits of Uplifted Yoga Include:
Increased upper body strength
Increased core strength
Increased flexibility and range of motion
Improved balance
Safely practice inversions
Reinforce proper alignment
Releases tension on bones and muscles
Boosts mood
Challenging poses become more accessible
Feeling of weightlessness can help calm the nervous system

June 15th 10AM-6PM
June 17th 11AM-7PM
June 18th 10AM-6PM
(Plus the attendance of 6 additional aerial classes with Sharli, Kilah, and/or Callie during the week)

$775 (includes your own personal hammock)
$675 (without your own personal hammock)