The recent Vegas shooting has been on mind my mind constantly since it happened.  While I have seen a lot of tragedy in my short 33 years, this one hits particularly close to home.  As I scrolled through the photos of the innocent people that were lost that day, tears streamed down my face.  Life is so fragile.  Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, friends, and lovers were lost that day.

We are all looking for answers and reasons as to why this happened.  We go through the process of despair, anger, confusion, and then we want to blame it on something because there must be a motive or a reason.  We search for answers because we know that the people in our lives would never even think of committing such a heinous act.

While I don’t have the answers, I know with certainty that the elements of a true authentic yoga practice can and will heal broken hearts.  Our practice of mindful movement, breath-work, concentration, and meditation is a process of healing from the inside-out. When we integrate these practices in our lives, the intense need to have answers subsides and we can move throughout our lives peacefully with a deeper level understanding and connection to all that is.  Taking the time out of our day for ourselves in this way can heal the body, but more importantly the mind.  Our yoga practice will relieve our suffering by quieting the ego, which uses the tool of fear to control our thoughts–causing dis-ease. Coming to the quiet space within is exactly what the world needs right now so that the healing can begin.


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