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What is Yoga, Really?
What is Yoga? Really? As a yoga instructor and yoga studio owner for over 8 years, I have navigated my[...]
New to Yoga? Limber Tree is Perfect for You!
Welcome new yoga students!  Because many people ask if we have classes for those who are new to yoga, we[...]
Coming hOMe: The Ease of Things Meant to Be
I have always thought of myself as a "go-getter."  If I want something to happen, I have to make it[...]
Connecting with Nature by Sally Keys
Contributed by Sally Keys Feel Your Best, Be Your Best Our mind, body, and spirit are connected in a way[...]
This is What Being a Tight A** Will Get You! Release the glutes!
I first learned to practice yoga from a very amazing and beautiful soul.  She was soft and calm and taught[...]
Thoughts on the Vegas Shooting: Our Yoga Practice Is More Important Than Ever
The recent Vegas shooting has been on mind my mind constantly since it happened.  While I have seen a lot[...]