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Thank You from all of us at Limber Tree

New to Yoga? Limber Tree is Perfect for You!
Welcome new yoga students!  Because many people ask if we have classes for those who are new to yoga, we[...]
Coming hOMe: The Ease of Things Meant to Be
I have always thought of myself as a "go-getter."  If I want something to happen, I have to make it[...]
Connecting with Nature by Sally Keys
Contributed by Sally Keys Feel Your Best, Be Your Best Our mind, body, and spirit are connected in a way[...]
This is What Being a Tight A** Will Get You! Release the glutes!
I first learned to practice yoga from a very amazing and beautiful soul.  She was soft and calm and taught[...]
Thoughts on the Vegas Shooting: Our Yoga Practice Is More Important Than Ever
The recent Vegas shooting has been on mind my mind constantly since it happened.  While I have seen a lot[...]
The Beauty of Yin & Yang
In all experiences, there is the Yin and the Yang. These are the two opposite, yet complementary energies that we[...]