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We strive to provide the best yoga teachers in the area, and ensure that each teacher is adequately trained in their area of expertise. Every teacher at Limber Tree is here to help inspire you and your practice. Diverse in their backgrounds and style, we encourage you to try a variety of classes each week. Be curious and challenge yourself as each teacher brings new ways of experiencing the world in which we live. Please, ask questions or address concerns either prior or following class knowing we are here to help you along your way.

Our Amazing Teaching Team:

Sharli Ziebarth - The Strong Warrior-Owner/Yoga Instructor/Lead Teacher Trainer - E-RYT 500

Lisa Harmon - Leader of Light - RYT 500

Melanie Romero -- The Beautiful Optimist-RYT 500

Amy Truax - The Bendable Flying Beauty-Aerial Yoga and Yoga Instructor - RYT 200

Kilah - The Belly-Dancing Queen - Aerial Yoga and Belly Dance

Faith Phelps - The Ray of Sunshine - RYT 200

Ashlyn Pratt - The Gentle Healer - RYT 200

Brandon Arthur - The Rock-Solid Harley Yogi RYT 200

Cecelia Gavinsky - The Sweet Humanitarian Mama -RYT 200

Yungben Yelvington- The Inspiring Encourager - RYT 200