Yoga & Meditation Classes

We have a wide variety of yoga classes that caters to all levels of yogis and yoginis.  

Classes include vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, power and meditation. Our classes are specified on our schedule to show suitability for people of all levels and interests.  

The description for each class is easily accessible on the website by clicking on the title of the class.

Aerial Yoga Classes

The aerial hammock can help support you and create proper alignment in basic yoga poses. From floor poses to standing,  you'll increase flexibility, awareness and endurance!  

Improving postures as you create a balanced stability in the body.

 We also have awesome aerial classes for kids!

Rooftop Classes

 Experience your yoga practice on the roof of the Shiloh Commons building!

 Where you are able to breathe in the fresh summer air, feel the sun shine on skin, and take in the amazing views of the Billings rims and Beartooth Mountains.

Pole Fitness

Limber Tree is the only studio in Billings that exclusively offers pole fitness!  

We take the time to ease you into the practice, making sure you really understand how to do things correctly and safely.  

Pole fitness can help create an awareness in the body that allows you to push your limits to new physical capabilities.