In all experiences, there is the Yin and the Yang. These are the two opposite, yet complementary energies that we encounter in our lives. Although we tend to perceive our experiences as good/bad, right/wrong, the qualities of these experiences are completely interdependent. It is impossible for Yin and Yang to exist separate from one another. This is shown in nature everywhere: night/day, light/dark, cold/hot, winter/summer, fall/spring. Without one, you cannot experience the other. The concept of Yin/Yang creates a wholeness that is at the true essence of our soul/spirit/human experience.

The interesting truth surrounding Yin/Yang, is that nothing is ever black and white in its essence. Take, for example, night and day. There is always a transition between the two. There is never a definite line when it suddenly becomes night or it suddenly becomes day. There is dusk and dawn. This is the same concept with seasons in that there is never a moment in time when it is suddenly winter. Life gives us a transition period. In this transition period, things can seem painful or even can bring the essence of death into our experience. Ego will use fear to dislodge us from the understanding of the true harmony and balance that are at work.

In all things, there is an element of yin in yang and yang in yin. The symbol of Yin/Yang itself represents this concept in that there is a piece of white illustrated by a dot in the yang and a piece of black illustrated by a dot in the yin. Transformation and transition between the two can easily occur because they are part of one another and cannot be independent of one another or else they simply would not exist. The beauty of this concept lies in the idea that there is a constant balancing energy between the two. The dynamic energy at work is constantly working with these energies to create harmony. This happens everywhere in nature and weather, but also in our lives.

The suffering that we experience in our lives has everything to do with not finding peace and harmony with the forces that are working to create balance in our lives. Our egos like to perceive and define situations and experiences as either bad or good, right or wrong and negates the understanding that there are balancing forces at work at all times. In order to experience the pure joy and bliss in our lives, we must know what sadness is. In order to know what feeling our best and at optimal health, we must understand and experience physical pain or illness. While experiencing some of the traumas in our lives, we can negate the rapid spiraling into depression and long-term struggle by understanding that it is simply a balancing force in action. This, my friend, is THE understanding that will bring harmony and peace into your life.

This balancing energy takes place not only on a small microscopic level and in our personal life experiences, but also in the over-riding human-soul experience that is woven together and finds us all as One.

We tend to keep ourselves busy and our lives complicated because our egos thrive in disharmony and imbalance. Our true essence lies in the harmony energies of the Yin/Yang, which provides for harmony in the small and large aspects of this human experience. The simple understanding of this concept will lead you to more peace and less struggle in your own life. Harmony is the only truth in our existence, as it is the very foundation beneath us and the very air we breath. It is at the essence of our Life Force.

A result of ignoring this simple concept of Yin/Yang in our own experiences is physical disease, mental disease and emotional traumas, which will all repeat as if in a pattern. The busy-ness we create in our lives is the root cause of our suffering because we do not slow down enough to see the root causes of our problems. Know, however, that the pattern of the Universe is one of harmony and balance. Understanding this will break you out of your struggle patterns and will release you to the peace that you seek and will help you understand your purpose.

If the Universal Law is one that is constantly balancing and harmonizing, why would this also not be the case in your own physical, mental, and spiritual body and experience? The concept of a Universal Law is one that applies to all things. The simple realization and awareness of this Law will quickly transform your life to the one that you yearn for.

In only 33 years, I have learned this in every major life experience and lessons. However, I struggled and fought through out each of these events because I did not understand the simple concept and law of the harmony and balance in the Universe. My reason for these words is to help you by sharing my own experiences and by portraying how the Yin/Yang have been at work since I was conceived. Spirit has guided me to share this with you so that you can use my experiences to understand your own. At the end of this book, I will also share the tools that I have learned in my own life to illustrate the balancing energy of the Universe through Yoga. Through movement and alignment, we can find strength in our stillness--complete balance and harmony.