Our Mission and Promise

Our Mission and Promise 1
A Nurturing and Safe Space

Our Mission

Limber Tree Yoga strives to provide a nurturing and safe space to inspire each individual to embrace their innate divinity and greatness through the unification of Spirit/giver of life with mind and body.  We are committed, through the authentic practice of yoga, to offering a supportive, inclusive, compassionate, and kind community to make yoga accessible to all experience levels, backgrounds and belief systems, body types, ages, and incomes.

Our Promise

As a member of the Limber Tree team, I promise to compassionately assist everyone who enters our space to live to their full potential and to realize their own life’s mission through the use of the eight limbs of yoga.

As a member of the Limber Tree team, I promise to create and maintain a nurturing space for students to feel welcome and safe.

As a member of the Limber Tree team, I promise, through the practice of yoga, to guide people to a mental space where they can feel that they are accepted just as they are.

As a member of the Limber Tree team, I promise that above all else, I will see the light in each person — teachers and students alike.  

As a member of the Limber Tree team, I promise to uphold the practice of the 8 limbs of yoga, above all else while taking special care of the Yamas, the first limb of the 8 limbs of yoga:

Ahimsa: My actions toward others will be loving and compassionate.  I will do everything within my power to avoid harming others. Kindness is the rule.

Satya: I promise to speak in truth and honesty in all ways and will commit to avoiding any words that lead to deception, gossip, or exaggeration.

Asteya:  I commit to not taking anything unless it is freely given to me, including material items, time, and resources.

Brahmacharya:  I will always respect others’ boundaries and will never use my position or energy to exploit others’ energy or space.

Aparigraha:  I promise to allow for change and growth in our space and energy and commit to allowing for the space for others to expand and succeed in all ways.


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